5. Make snow paintings

Colour your world and bring a rainbow of inspiration to your outdoor play. Add food colouring to water in a spray bottle and you could have the most unique creations on the block!

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snow fort


6. Go on a Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt

There’s a whole world of stunning photography waiting for you outside this winter. From trees frozen with crystalline ice to glorious sunsets across a frozen plain, there’s a photo opp waiting to happen everywhere you look. You can always enter your photographs into the CWF photo contest too.

A few ideas:

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7. Build a snow fort

Snow is nature’s Lego.

Just because we’re adults, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Get all geared up, head outdoor and build yourself a snow fort – or an igloo! All you need is some snow and some imaginations, let’s get started.

Here are some tips to build a great snow fort:

  1. Trace out the size of the fort – not too big and not too small
  2. Start building up the fort walls – can be by hands freestyling it or you can also use some Tupperware container to make snow bricks.
  3. If using snow bricks, think like a bricklayer. Leave a few inches between each brick and fill with packed snow.
  4. Sculpt the walls with more snow and smooth out with a shovel
  5. Turn it into ice! Poor some cold water from the bottom up on the outside of the walls to create an icy finish.
snow fort

snow fort building

8. Build a Winter Birdfeeder

Follow these simple design plans and provide a winter shelter for birds toughing it out in Canada.

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