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Beaches are often viewed as a desirable feature for a waterfront property, but there are several things that you should consider if you are thinking of creating a beach on your property.

•    An artificial beach will disappear; waves, currents, ice and other erosive forces remove sand over time. Even pulling up your boat or constantly walking on sloping sand can push the sand from an artificial beach downhill and into the water
•    By adding more sand to an eroding beach you risk silting the habitat of fish and other animals.
•    Imported sand, especially unwashed building sand, can bring in unwanted seeds or insects that may be inappropriate for your area
•    When you clear shoreline vegetation to create space for a beach, you lose one of your critical tools for runoff and erosion control, as well as habitat for wildlife
•    The creation of new beaches is not permitted by government agencies in many areas. Most land below the high water mark or “natural boundary” of a water body belongs to the Crown and is public land.  If you alter it without approval you can be fined

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