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If you are looking for information on maintaining a shoreline buffer, how to prevent erosion, which docks are the most environmentally friendly or something else that’s impacting your shoreline and lake, chances are we have it here! Check out all of our tips, links and tools for all of our great resources!

If you had the opportunity to have your shoreline professionally assessed or have taken our shoreline self-assessment, have you thought about actions you would like to take to enhance your shoreline? Check out our Action Checklist to determine how you can help improve the health of your shoreline.


The Need for Permits

The need for permits for work in or near water, and the government agency responsible for those permits, varies from region to region. Be sure to check with your local municipality, conservation authority (if applicable), appropriate provincial ministry and/or appropriate federal department for the permits to do work in or around water. See our Contacts section to get started.


If you’re ever wondered who you should contact if you’re looking for native plants, information on septic systems, docks or something else relating to your shoreline property - then you’re in the right spot! Just click on your region and you’ll find lots of great contacts.

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