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We believe daily actions by all individuals can help preserve the water in lakes and rivers. Shoreline property owners in particular can play a significant role.

Shoreline Property Owner

If you had the opportunity to have your shoreline professionally assessed or have taken our shoreline self-assessment, have you thought about actions you would like to take to enhance your shoreline? Check out our Action Checklist to determine how you can help improve the health of your shoreline.





How does your shoreline look?

Your dock, stairs, an eaves troughs can all impact the quality and health of your shoreline property. If you haven’t had your shoreline assessed by a trained Love Your Lake team member, you can perform your own shoreline assessment by using this Shoreline Assessment Guide.

Take the Shoreline Assessment to see how healthy your shoreline is.


How can you help improve your shoreline?

We believe daily actions by individuals can help preserve the water in lakes and rivers. Shoreline property owners in particular can play a significant role by taking positive actions to protect and enhance their shoreline properties. Check out our Shoreline Action Checklist to see what positive steps you’ve already taken and potential actions you can take now and in the future. You can also take a look at our Resources for more tips and tricks for shoreline health and stewardship activities.

Complete this Action Checklist and let us know your plans for improving and maintaining your shoreline health!


Share your shoreline success stories!

We’d love to hear from you! Do you have stories about your shoreline assessment experiences? Have you recently planted or restored your shoreline to a more natural state? Maybe you have before and after pictures you’d like to share with us! We would love to hear your stories and plans for maintaining and improving your shoreline and lake health.

Get in touch with us and let us know!


Order your property report

Was your property already surveyed as part of the Love Your Lake program? You can Order Your Report by submitting the survey code you received in the mail or from your lake association. If you did not receive your survey code, and your lake is listed as a lake surveyed in your region, please contact your regional organization.


Check out how some landowners are loving their shorelines and lakes!

If you are interested in having your lake become a part of Love Your Lake contact your local lake conservation organization or info@watersheds.ca

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