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Healthy Shorelines for Healthy Lakes

Date: October 19, 2013
Street Address:6787 County Road 43
Location:Perth Civitan Hall
Hosting Organization:Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
Details:This year’s workshop will focus on strategies for community engagement. Lake Association examples and discussions will look at hands-­‐on examples for bringing lake communities together to protect, improve, and celebrate the health of their lakes. Terry Rees, Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations, will outline some of the changes that have happened in Ontario including information on current regulatory changes, roles of government and what we need to know to manage our lakes in the future. Angus McCallister, President of Fathom6 Research, will bring an entertaining, dynamic, fresh look at getting lake communities involved through an interactive presentation that will help participants walk away with a strategy for communication and action in their community.