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About Love Your Lake

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What is Love Your Lake?
Love your Lake is a packaged shoreline evaluation and stewardship program that can be transferred to any shoreline community across the country. This program is developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) to be delivered by existing, local organizations in regions across Canada. Locally driven by regional partners, lake associations or organizations are invited to volunteer their lake as participants in the program. Lakes participating in the Love Your Lake program will be assessed on a property-by-property basis using a standardized assessment protocol and datasheet. After every shoreline property on a lake is assessed from a boat, each shoreline landowner will receive access to an individualized property report consisting of information on the state of their shoreline and suggested voluntary actions for shoreline improvement. These simple suggested actions help protect and enhance shoreline and lake health; for people and wildlife!

What is included in the Love Your Lake program?
We establish partnerships with existing local and regional community organizations to deliver the Love Your Lake program to regions across Ontario and Canada. We provide training, materials and partial funding to these local organizations to help enable them to deliver this program in their regions. This is a packaged program, transferrable to various communities and based on best practices, peer-reviewed materials, and proven social marketing techniques. The Love Your Lake program package includes:

  • Training for program delivery and field work, including:
    • Communication strategies about the program to landowners
    • Volunteer engagement and management strategies
    • Local media engagement and community promotions strategies
    • In-field instruction to properly use the Shoreline Survey Protocol , equipment and datasheet
    • Database use for data entry and evaluation
  • Equipment and materials required to complete the shoreline surveys
  • Access to ongoing support staff from Watersheds Canada and CWF
  • Access to the Love Your Lake database for data entry
  • Communications and promotions materials
  • Lake-wide report template and production support
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Benefits of the Love Your Lake program:
The Love Your Lake program is designed to support and encourage lake-wide communities to protect and enhance their shorelines and lake health. By providing this program as a package to regional organizations, they are enabled with resources and training to engage local lake associations or organizations to participate in the program. The program is designed to be delivered to entire lakes. Local lake associations or organizations are invited to participate, but it is entirely voluntary. However, once a lake is participating, each and every property along the shoreline is assessed and will receive access to their individual property reports. Benefits for regional and lake level organizations include:

  • Ability to enhance the program with local information and resources
  • Standardized assessments of every shoreline property on the lake(s)
  • Access to data to help determine shoreline improvements over time
  • Consistent stewardship information and recommended actions delivered directly to shoreline residents to encourage long-term actions
  • Lake-wide data evaluation and report, useful to guide community stewardship efforts

As a result of lake-wide participation, every shoreline property owner on the lake will receive access to their individualized property report, which is:

  • An educational tool for lake residents containing information on the state of their unique shoreline, recommended voluntary actions for improvements, and resources for further information;
  • Personal shoreline property reports that are unique for each shoreline property owner;
  • A visually appealing document designed to be kept with the property (landowner names are not included in the assessments nor reports).

Program History
Love Your Lake has been developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation with regional support from partners across Ontario (including the Bonnechere River Watershed Project, Muskoka Watershed Council, the City of Greater Sudbury, and Lakeland Alliance) and funding support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Rogers Foundation, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Recreational Fisheries Conservation Program.

Love Your Lake is a modified and updated version of a scientific protocol developed by MAPLE (Mutual Association for the Protection of Lake Environments) in the 1980s. Watersheds Canada had been using a modified shoreline assessment protocol for over ten years and in 2012 they partnered with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to officially brand and broaden the program into the Love Your Lake program today.

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