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You found it! Welcome to CWF Geocache.

Part of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s mission of connecting Canadians with wildlife is in helping people to get outdoors! Geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunt played by cachers around the world, is a game that can help.

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Make sure you log your adventure! Visit the cache's page and tell us about your hunt. Want to do more? Create your own CWF cache!

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    Getting Started

    Before you go, what you need, and more! More »

    CWF Geocache
    What is it?

    Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. More »

    Walk, Bike or Hike
    CWF Caches

    Find some CWF caches! More »

    Along the way

    Here a few important facts to remember along the way: More »